Cottonwood ALC promotes independence and freedom in learners of all ages.  In order to set little ones up to be successful in a free and independent environment, there are certain things they must be able to do before enrolling to attend Cottonwood Roots. 

Can your little one?

  • Carry and take off backpack, coat, and shoes 

  • Keep personal items in their bin

  • Stay safely with a group inside the space, outside of the space, and in transitions

  • Respond to voice prompts (“Walking feet” or “Inside voices”)

  • Use toilet and wash hands independently (see toileting requirements here)

  • Listen to a children’s book read aloud and remain engaged until its conclusion

  • Keep small objects out of mouth

  • Return objects and materials to the original location when finished using them

Support Resources:

  • Read anything by Alfie Kohn, including “Unconditional Parenting,” the most aligned book with our approach at Cottonwood NYC.

  • Read anything by Janet Lansberry listed here:

The interviewer has a differently abled son so there is some dialogue about a-typical kids too; it is the Unconditional Parenting dialogue is spot on.

Cottonwood ALC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, or ethnic origin in administration, admission, or any associated activities.