Weekly Outline

  • Monday: Set-the-Week meeting at 9:00am

    • This is where we review offerings and opportunities and sketch out the week. This is when we schedule trips, classes or group activities, and any other projects that require some group coordination.

  • Set daily intentions in Spawn Points

    • After the Set-the-Week meeting you'll go to one of the three small groups (we call them Spawn Points, and we'll assign you to one of them). Here you will make your daily intentions visible on your kanban board (we'll have one for you) and declare those intentions with others in your group. You can also use this time to make requests for support that you may need in fulfilling your intentions.

  • Make Magic!

    • The next five hours is for you to make things happen that are important to you -- to fulfill the intentions you set in the morning. You can eat lunch whenever you are you hungry.  We recommend packing a lunch. If you have permission from a parent to leave school on your own, you can always get lunch somewhere in the neighborhood.

  • Clean Up at 2:15pm

    • Help clean up at 2:15pm. Each student has a job that they typically do each day. Sara and Chris can help you figure how to contribute towards clean up.

  • 2:30pm

    • Back to your Spawn Points to update your kanban board, and reflect on your day with others in your group. Did you fulfill your intentions? If not, what got in the way? What did you learn? What are you going to do differently tomorrow?

  • Dismissal at 3:00


  • Tuesday-Thursday we begin the day in Spawn Points at 9:00am, declaring intentions based on personal projects and those scheduled at Set-the-Week.  (The school opens every day at 8:30 and students are welcome to arrive then, our meetings don’t start till 9. We consider this the soft start).

  • Wednesday we will have Change-up meeting. This is where we make changes to our community agreements using the Community Mastery Board. The meeting usually lasts 30-45 minutes.

  • Thursday we have a deep dive at the end of the day and give kids time to reflect on the week, documenting their learning in a shareable way (online portfolio, blog post, youtube video, journal entry), reflecting on something we learned, created or explored.  

  • Friday we have our weekly Field Day.  We meet at the school (by 9:00AM) and then spend the day on an adventure outside of the school.  We will let you know the trip plan by Wednesday of the visiting week (if not before).

Cottonwood ALC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, or ethnic origin in administration, admission, or any associated activities.