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Film and Philosophy

September 10th - December 11th | Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10:00am - 11:00am


SUMMARY: The Fall Session will consist of film-watching, discussion & reflection. One class day will be spent watching the film together, followed by a facilitated, kid-led discussion the following day. The Fall session will culminate in an HCTV studio visit (no major practice required…other than knowing in advance what we’ll be talking about; each student to create 1 “mask” or “prop” or “costume” related to the episode they liked the most).

Week 1 (SEPTEMBER 9TH - 15TH)

  • Discuss program, learning objectives, process

  • Show examples of Twilight Zone films & silent films, discuss why a silent film for final project

Week 2 (SEPTEMBER 16TH - 22ND)

  • Twilight Zone Episode (or other short film), accompanied by philosophical text blurb

  • Discussion, Reflection/Application

Week 3 (SEPTEMBER 23RD - 29TH)

  • Same as week 2 process

Week 4 (SEPTEMBER 30TH - OCT. 6TH)

  • Same as week 3 process

Week 5 (OCTOBER 7TH. - 13TH)

  • Same as week 4 process

Week 6 (OCTOBER 14TH - 20TH)

  • Review material recap episodes/themes and issues encountered and ways that characters addressed/handled things

  • Review final project/silent film & what elements need to be present; why a silent film (requires a lot of creativity, precision, and distillation of ideas)

  • Select 1 theme from episodes to focus on as a group for final project/silent film (e.g., identity, respect, etc.)

**HCTV Studio visit — Each student comes with one self-made “prop”, “mask,” or “ costume” etc., we share was sort of things we did/discussed (favorite episodes, topics etc. — isolation/loneliness, beauty, courage, etc.), mention what’s on the radar for the Winter (silent film about…stay tuned).**


SUMMARY: The Winter Session will be a hands-on, creative endeavor where students will work together to create a 1.5- 2 minute silent film. The theme will have been selected at the close of the Fall session; students will write the script and act in the film; ideally…if there are interested parties, they will also film/edit the movie, as well. (Details about filming to be worked out shortly after the Fall session begins). The Fall session will culminate in an HCTV studio visit (or, alternatively, HCTV comes to location).

Week 1 (NOVEMBER 4TH - 10TH)

  • Brainstorm the creation of 1 scene that will best help to express the theme of choice inspired by personal experiences/reflections (if the theme is x how can we represent & express this?), identify goal of scene and elements that need to be present to accomplish the goal

  • Identify elements of theme, assumptions, arguments, dilemmas, values, etc. present in episodes by characters.

Week 2 (NOVEMBER 11TH - 17TH)

  • Show short silent film (roughly 1.5 - 2 minutes) that expresses an idea

  • Discuss scene of choice and map out skeleton script

    • Identify ways to incorporate various philosophical elements (e.g. list of responses to a dilemma; different conceptions of “identity” that could be incorporated in text and theatrical format)

  • Begin script writing

Week 3 (NOVEMBER 18TH - 24TH)

  • Script writing

  • Script writing

Week 4 (NOVEMBER 25TH - DEC. 1ST)

  • Script Writing

  • Script Writing

Week 5 (DEC. 2ND - 8TH)

  • Practice (Improv Theater)

  • Practice (Improv Theater)

Week 6 (DEC. 9TH - 15TH)

  • Practice (Improv Theater)

  • Film Day (Improv Theater)

**HCTV Studio VISIT — Show silent film + discuss**