Road Less Traveled: an Introduction to Fairytales

September 9th - December 12th | Mondays & Thursdays 10:00am - 12:00pm

“She stood under the juniper-tree, which smelt so sweetly that her heart leapt, and she fell on her knees and was beside herself with joy.” -From the Juniper Tree, Grimms

Fairytales have come to us through generations of tellers and a myriad of sources. The world these authorless stories describe is simultaneously pedestrian and utterly fantastic, where walking the cow to market can mean meeting spells, curses, wolves, witches, magical creatures, talking birds and still having to explain to Mother why you returned with nothing but three magic beans. 

In this intensive we will immerse ourselves in the world of the fairytale, both written and told. We offer a facilitator lead seminar of probing conversation on select readings from the fairytale collections of Charles Perrault (France), the Grimms (Germany), Andrew Lang (England), Giambattista Basile (Italy) and the One Thousand and One Nights, (Persian, Arabic).

Participants will choose stories to tell, and through exploring themes and structure of the tale make it their own, because according to a Tuscan proverb,  "the tale is not beautiful if nothing is added to it.”  Our facilitators will lead workshop style classes to support storytelling clarity and presence.