Where kids get to be creative.

Where kids get to engage in and explore what they love.

Where every day is an adventure.

Does your child have projects that they can’t wait to work on? Are they looking for space to connect with others to tinker, explore and pursue their interests? Cottonwood’s Agile after School community is the place for them. At Agile after School, members can pursue their ideas, take advantage of the resources in our space and meet other dynamic curious kids!

Each day, the storefront at 322 Fuller Avenue is their playground. Members are given the time and space to arrive with an intention, pursue that goal and get assistance if needed, and learn what it means to take a project from brainstorm to completion. Facilitators work with students to identify individual goals and common interests and ensure there is space and support for their intentions to be fulfilled. At Cottonwood, we believe that play is often the catalyst for deep investigation. Any given moment, you can walk through the door to find the space filled with students pursuing meaningful work and immersed in play.


3 PM-5:30 PM Daily Monday - Thursday (September - June)

Fall Session: Weeks of September 3 - December 16

*there will be no Agile After School on the following dates: November 27th-28th

- -

Winter Session: Weeks of January 6 - March 23

- -

Spring Session: Weeks of April 6 - June 1

*there will be no Agile After School on the following dates: May 25th

Agile after School is a membership based program with tiered enrollment options.

Costs are outlined below:

FALL Session

  • 1 day/week = $ 325

  • 2 days/week = $ 550

  • 4 days/week = $ 850

WINTER Session

  • 1 day/week = $ 250

  • 2 days/week = $ 450

  • 4 days/week = $ 675

SPRING Session

  • 1 day/week = $ 175

  • 2 days/week = $ 325

  • 4 days/week = $ 500

Cottonwood ALC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, or ethnic origin in administration, admission, or any associated activities.